The Yanez Family

“We raised three children in this house,” Ms. Yanez explained, conveying just how much her home meant to her.

This building was much more than a house; it was where she and Mr. Yanez created priceless memories. Like many families who were affected by the 2008 mortgage market crash, the Yanez family had a difficult time making mortgage payments. For nearly five (5) years, the family lived in uncertainty, until they received an invitation to a homeowner resource event, hosted by NEW. At our event, they met two key people: a NEW housing counselor to guide them through refinancing options, and their future. Truly, their 70-mile drive to NEW that day was definitely worth it!

Immediately following our event, the Yanez couple began working on their loan modification package.

“NEW helped us navigate all of the legalities and steps involved with the refinancing process,” Mr. Yanez expressed.

Today, the Yanez family rests easily, knowing that they can afford the mortgage payments, allowing them to continue to live in their home, which means everything to them.