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NEW can help you voice your needs

NEW can help you voice your needs to public officials and agencies who make decisions that affect your future. Learn more by browsing these websites and then making an appointment with us to talk about your strategy:

National Association of Latino Community Asset Builder (NALCAB)

Property Now 

Aspen Institute

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“We know that like a tapestry’s woven threads, a woman’s success is bound up in her family’s success. With NEW, she begins to understand, though, that she must go first. And then, through the force of collaborative intention and combined energies, the entire family establishes a solid foundation and secure strategies to lead them into bright futures – for themselves and for generations to come.”


“Adjusting to the American economy is not easy. Latina women must navigate many cultural shifts and systematic barriers. With the kinds of access and support that NEW provides, Latinas develop a blueprint, take action and create financial security for their families. We help them to see that protecting their assets is the wisest and best choice they can make to care for their families.”

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