NEW Hubs

NEW Shifts Mindsets for Financial Capability

Preventing homelessness, and building wealth through homeownership, entrepreneurship, and education.

Entrepreneurship Hub

Tools and resources to help your business thrive

NEW has strategically implemented a network of place-based and virtual services to create the NEW Entrepreneurship Hub to support small businesses through technical assistance, including business training, coaching, mentorship, and access to capital. The Entrepreneurship Hub’s Programs are dedicated to creating equitable opportunity and sustainable economics for women and to elevating women and minority-owned small businesses to help build healthy communities.

Wealth creation Hub

From starting a business to buying a home, we have you covered

NEW’s comprehensive range of programs works to provide economic mobility services to address the systemic barriers that our clients face. We end generational cycles of poverty by offering social and economic solutions through our unique multi-generational Whole Family Transformation model.

Education Hub

Investing in our future

Children are a precious community asset. NEW’s investment in children is predicated on our values that their happiness and well-being are our responsibility. Providing access to limitless opportunities nurtures dreams and secures promising futures. Our two-generational approach ensures continuity to build upon the foundation started with mothers, and the family carries forth with the children.

advocacy Hub

NEW has the platform to help you voice your needs

NEW has cultivated many different private/public partnerships and continues to expand our operations – all empowered with resilient determination to affect economic equity and mobility.