Linda Villanueva

With little to no knowledge about computers, Linda arrived at NEW’s Latino Tech-Net (LTN) course. Once she completed our program, she applied and was hired for a job at a local Joann’s Fabrics store.

After starting her job, Linda created several opportunities to apply her computer skills to completing her work projects. This initiative impressed her supervisors, and within just two (2) months after being hired as a temporary employee, Linda earned the position of store manager!

However, she didn’t stop there. Linda also enrolled in classes at Pierce College. Her journey is an example of how NEW’s programs can completely change, not only a person’s situation, but the person herself.

“No matter how tough life gets, you are the only one who will find the strength to get out of your situation,” Linda encourages, “I’m so grateful that when I was lost, the LTN program helped me find my way.  Thank you, NEW, for helping me find my inner strength.”