Impresario by NEW

Supporting small businesses through crowdfunding

Impresario by NEW is here to support entrepreneurs and small businesses on their crowdfunding journey.

When seeking capital, we give you the power to turn No into Yes! Powered by New Economics for Women (NEW), Impresario by NEW provides educational resources and support at no cost to you to launch crowdfunding campaigns.

The Impresario program is a crowdfunding education and training to support businesses in raising capital from their communities using this new innovative access-to-capital tool.

Our mission is to build economic development and financial sustainability among entrepreneurs and small businesses in underserved communities. We believe through education and training, we can give you the power to turn “No” into “Yes” when seeking capital through crowdfunding.

Why Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a great way of seeking the financing you need to grow your business that otherwise might be difficult to secure. Instead of relying on traditional funding from banks or your personal savings, crowdfunding allows you to utilize your social network to pool together the capital you need to reach your financial goals.

No Restrictions

  • With crowdfunding you’re not limited by the restrictions and requirements of traditional lenders
  • There is no limit to the amount of funds you can raise

Access to Capital

Business owners can access otherwise unobtainable capital through community fundraising.

Market Validation

  • There is no better way to gauge customer interest that crowdfunding
  • It is a great way to assess your viability in the market

Brand Awareness

Crowdfunding is a great marketing resource. It allows your investors to become your brand ambassadors, while simultaneously raising capital for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the program?

The Impresario program is open to any business owner.

How do I apply for the Impresario Program?

Click Apply Now to complete your application. Once we have received your information, a member of our team will contact you with the next steps.

Where does the training take place?

Your crowdfunding education and training will take place virtually.

Is the training available in Spanish?


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