Entrepreneurship Hub

Tools and resources to help your business thrive

NEW’s Entrepreneurship Hub fosters innovation in support of micro-enterprises to small business operators. The Hub provides business development services and access to capital to advance wage equity and grow self-sufficiency for client families.

East LA BusinessSource Center

East Los Angeles BusinessSource Center provides startup ventures and current small business owners with various cost-effective tools to make their business a success. Through these tools, small businesses can grow and remain competitive within the City of Los Angeles. Most services are provided at NO COST to LA business owners and resident entrepreneurs.

FamilySource Center

The FamilySource Center (FSC) is a collaborative program managed by New Economics for Women. The FSC is a one-stop community center designed to assist low-income residents in the City of Los Angeles to become self-sufficient by increasing family income and academic achievement for youth and adults.

Women's Business Center

The NEW Women’s Business Center provides resources and tools to ensure women entrepreneurs are on the right track for economic independence through small business ownership.