Drown out the noise!

Drown out the noise!

I see a world where neighborhood economic development begins from within communities and the solutions are centered on women and the entire family. I see a world where mothers learn how to create a culture of prosperity and generosity. I see a world where a family’s culture is grounded in love, freedom of expression, respect, and actions that lead toward the fulfillment of everyone’s purpose in life.

In short, my PASSION is to bring economic opportunities and capital to poor communities. New Economics for Women (NEW) is my vehicle to fulfill my passion/vision. For more than 20 years, NEW has reduced the state of poverty for more than 60,000 women and their families by building housing communities, and by delivering comprehensive tools that transform the “mindset” of women.

Cyrene Delinger

Cyrene came to Tierra del Sol with $360 in her bank account, $40 of which she had stolen from her daughter’s piggy bank.  She was living on welfare, going to food pantries, and getting free clothes from clothing closets to take care of her daughter.

With a new job and a new apartment, she participated in every program offered by NEW. Over time, Cyrene saved over $10,000 and became a homeowner. Through the help of our Homeownership Department she also secured $31,000 in down payment assistance. Before participating in our programs, she never believed she could buy a house, EVER. The KEY was changing her mindset about her future.

Today, Cyrene has a bachelor’s degree, a beautiful family, and a great career as a real estate agent, helping others reach their dreams of homeownership. She also earns over $100,000 a year.

Your actions are a reflection of your value, and what you believe about yourself. What you say doesn’t matter. What you DO is all that matters. If you want to be successful, you must act successfully. Learn what you need to learn so that you can grow – stretch. Trust your journey, even if you don’t know where you are going.

Interestingly, what has helped motivate me is living with the possibility of death at any moment. Why is this one of the most important skills I have ever learned? It’s because I have come to understand by experiencing the death of my loved ones that we are left with only what is truly important. Therefore, we must always follow our hearts, follow our passions to serve, to create new things, to love, to help generously, etc.

Don’t let your mindset limit your options for a great tomorrow. Don’t let the noise of others drown out your inner voice. Focus only on what motivates you, what moves you to your greatest and brightest future.


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